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Предложение за Fy_maps


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Предлагам да се добавят малко Fy_snow  мапове ето малко  от мен

1. http://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/2805/- fy_snow_boom_blood
2.http://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/2111/- fy_snow2011
3.http://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/1530/- fy_snowplace_sym
4.http://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/1023/- fy_snowy_creek
5.http://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/909/- fy_snowlight
6.http://cs.gamebanana.com/maps/184420- fy_snow_dino
7.http://cs.gamebanana.com/maps/164671- fy_snowroad
8.http://cs.gamebanana.com/maps/144583- fy_snow3x
9.http://cs.gamebanana.com/maps/145228- fy_snowflakes

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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