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Промяна в Prokreedz сървъра


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Аз пък съм против това предложение. Ако има годмоуд ще се позлва от повечето хора и таймера все едно няма приложение. Обаче ако се сложи годмод нека таймера се ресва като го пуснеш. Защото някой хора може да се борят за рекорд да кажем в сървърА?

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Сигурен ли си,че няма командата ? 


Валидни команди в момента са:



Players commands:
- /cp, /checkpoint - Creates a Checkpoint
- /tp, /teleport, /gc , /gocheck - Teleports you to the last Checkpoint
- /stuck, /unstuck - Teleports you to the last but not last Checkpoint
- /top15, /pro15, /nub15 - Opens up Top15 menu(for first) or the respective top
- /reset - Resets time/checkpoints/gochecks
- /start - Moves you to start position
- /menu, /kz - Opens KZ Menu (Main menu)
- /ct, /spec - Moves you to spectator respective CT
- /pause - Pauses your time, only if the timer is started
- /weapons, /guns - Gives you other weapons, only if the timer is not started
- /scout, /usp - Gives you scout/usp&knife (works if the timer is enabled too!)
- /timer - Enables/Disables the HUD Timer
- /invis,/winvis,/pinivis - First opens Invis menu, seconds makes water invisible, third makes only players invisible
- /noclip - Gives you noclip and resets your time (if it's started)
- /god - Gives you god mode and resets your time (if it's started)
- /savepos - Saves your location on the map and resets your time. It's supposed to be helpful if the map finishes and you haven't finished your climb. You can save your location and start again next time the map is on the server. If you have saved a time, a menu will come up asking you to resume previous run or start a new one (second option also deletes the savings from memory). You also gain +1 Gocheck (you can not get into Pro top after using this function)
- /chatorhud - Players can switch the mode of receiving messages in this order: Chat -> Hud -> Off. At start it is CVar based (kz_chatorhud 0/1/2). If CVar is set to 0, you can not use it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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